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William Wood

William Wood was the uncle and possibly the adoptive father of my great grandmother Jane Wood. He was born 1834 in Banstead, Surrey, the son of John Wood, a gardener, and his wife Elizabeth, formerly Page. He was baptized on 16th March 1834 in All Saints church, Banstead. Willam became a gardener and later sexton and parish clerk of St Andrews church in Kingswood, Surrey. He married Mary Neal Cretchley in 1861. They had 4 children, Phillip Frank b. 1863, William Ernest, b. 1865, Marian Elizabeth, b. 1867 and Alice b. 1870. His wife Mary died in March 1896 and was buried on 13th March 1896 in St Andrews churchyard, Kingswood, Surrey. William died aged 77, on 16th July 1911 in Walton on Thames, and was buried on 20th July 1911 in St Marys churchyard, Walton on Thames, Surrey. He left a will dated 29th November 1902 which was proved on 29th August 1911. Probate was granted to his son William Ernest Wood, one of the executors, the other executor, William Barrett, having renounced.

Will and Probate Document

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