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William King and Sarah Constable

William King was born in 1674 in Capel, Surrey and baptised on 23rd November 1674 in St John the Baptist, Capel. He was the son of Richard King and his wife Mary. William became a blacksmith, at least the third generatio of his family to do so in Capel. He married Sarah Constable, on 9th April 1700 in St John the Baptist, Capel. The evidence suggests that Sarah was the daughter of Nicholas Constable and his wife Mary Jeale. There is no record of her baptism in Capel or other nearby parishes but she was probably born around 1675 (this date is derived from the birth of her youngest child in 1719 which would make her 44 at that time and the birth of her mother in 1631 who would have been 44 at the time of Sarah's birth so it's unlikely that she was born much earlier or later than 1675). There is a record of a Sarah Constable being baptised in 1673 in Capel, the daughter of Richard Constable of Aldhurst, Capel, who had married Ann Risebridger in 1654 but there is no evidence to link our Sarah with this line of the Constable family, however both lines are represented here for completeness. (A Sarah Constable married George Nye in 1696 in Capel and this is more likely to have been the daughter of Richard of Aldhurst as Sarah the daughter of Nicholas was still unmarried in 1698). It is possible that her parents Nicholas and Mary were non conformist in their religion which would account for the lack of a birth record, but she is named in Nicholas' will of 1698 as his daughter and unmarried and in her brother William's will of 1697 as his sister and unmarried. This would put her in the right place at the right time to marry William King in 1700. Nicholas bequeathed £50 (about £5000 in today's money) to Sarah upon his death, with a further £150 (£15,000) upon her marriage, providing she marry with the consent of his overseers, his brother in law Michael Jeale, and nephews Joseph Bothell and Joseph Peter. Sarah was already at least 5 months pregnant when they married, their first daughter Mary, was baptised 4 months later in August 1700. They had another 8 children, Sarah b. 1702, William b. 1704, Richard b. 1706, Elizabeth b. 1708, Ann b. 1710, Joseph b. 1713, Jane b. 1715 and Rebecca b. 1719.

Sarah died in January 1725 and was buried in Capel on 30th January 1725. William died in January 1748 and was buried in Capel on 1st February 1748. He left a will dated 2nd March 1735, and probate was granted on 24th April 1748 to his son Richard King, the surviving executor.


Mary King was baptized on 3rd August 1700 in Capel, Surrey. She was mentioned in her father's will of 1735 and in her brother Richard's will of 1752, to which she was joint executor.

Sarah King was baptized on 10th April 1702 in St John the Baptist, Capel. She married Richard Bosher on 26th February 1731 in Capel by licence. They had no children. Sarah is mentioned in the will of her father William King and in the will of her brother Richard to which she was joint executor. She died in April 1782 and was buried on 17th April 1782 in Ockley, Surrey "Sarah the wife of Richard Bosher". Richard died in 1788 and was buried on 11th April 1788 in Ockley, "Richard Bosher aged 86" he left a will dated April 1782 which was proved 1788 to his nephew, Richard Bosher.

William King married Elizabeth Pooke (direct ancestor see separate profile)

Richard King was baptized on 9th March 1706 in Capel. He became the blacksmith in Capel alongside his father and brother Joseph. He inherited his father's house and blacksmiths shop on the death in 1648 and was executor to his will. Richard never married. He died and was buried in Capel on 13th January 1753 "Mr Rich[ar]d King". He left a will dated 24th December 1752 which was proved on 9th February 1753 by his sisters Sarah Bosher and Elizabeth.

Elizabeth King was baptized on 9th April 1708 in Capel. She married James Weller on 27th October 1730 in Dorking, Surrey by licence. She is named in her father's will of 1735 and inherited £30 and a fifth sheared of his household goods on his death in 1748. She is also mentioned in her brother Richard's will of 1752 and was made join Executrix with her four sisters. Elizabeth and James had nine children, James b. 1731, Sarah, b. 1734, William, b. 1735, Sarah, b. 1739, Rebecca, b. 1739, Joseph, b. 1741, John, b. 1745, Peter, b. 1748 and Elizabeth, b. 1750. Elizabeth died and was buried in Capel on 29th March 1771 "the wife of James Weller.

Ann King was baptized on 29th July 1710 in Capel. She died aged 13 and was buried on 23 December 1723 in Capel.

Joseph King was baptized on 2nd May 1713 in Capel. He became a blacksmith along with his father. He is mentioned in his father's will of 1735 and was made named joint executor with his brother Richard but died before his father in 1741. He was buried on 12th October 1741 in Capel, his headstone is in Capel church yard and gives the year of his birth and death and states that he was the son of William and Sarah.

Jane King was baptized on 30th July 1715 in Capel. She is mentioned her father's will of 1735 and in her brother Richard's will of 1752 and was made joint Executrix. She married William Lipscombe. Jane was buried in Dorking, Surrey on 26th March 1772 "the wife of William Lipscomb".

Rebecca King was baptized on 17th August 1719 in Capel. She is mentioned in her father's will of 1735 and in her brother Richard's will of 1752 and was made joint Executrix. She married Ralf Bosher (the brother of her sister Sarah's husband Richard) on 18th April 1742 in Capel. They had 5 children, Sarah, b. 1743, Richard, b. 1744, Ann, b. 1747, Mary, b. 1750 and Rebecca, b. 1752. She was buried on 24th March 1782 in Capel "the wife of Ralf Bosher".


1674 Birth 1674 • Capel, Surrey


1674 Baptism

| 23 November 1674 • Capel, Surrey

Baptism of William KIng

1700 Marriage to Sarah C0nstable

| 9 April 1700, Capel, Surrey

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