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Last Will and Testament of William Burstow

In Dei Nomine Amen, this eleaventh daye of October in the yere of our Lord god one thowsand sixe hundred and thirteene, I William Burstye of Slapham in the countie of Sussex, yeoman, beying sicke in bodye yet in whole mynd and in good, perfect remembrance, lawde and praise be to Almightie god, make and ordayne this my present testament concerning herein my last will in manner and forme following, that is to saye, first I commend my soule to Almightie god my Maker and Redemer and my bodye to be buryed in the churchyarde of Slapham aforesayde. Item I bequeathe and give unto the poore of the parish of Slapham aforesayde tenne shillinges. Item I give and bequeathe unto William Burstie the sonne of Walter Burstye my sonne, three tenements lying in Warninglead in the parish of Slapham, with all landes thereunto belonging, when he shall accomplishe the age of one and twentie yeres or present after the decease of the my sayde sonne Walter Burstye which first shall happen. Item I give unto Johane Cooke my daughter, fortie shillinges yerelie during the tearme of her naturall life out of my tenement and lands lying and beying in the parish of Cra[w]lye, the same to be payed halfe yerelie, that is to saye, twentie shillinges every halfe yere during the sayed tearme of her life, yf the saied rent happen to be unpayed by the space of tenne dayes in which yt oughte to be payed, (yt beying lawfullie demanded) yt shalbe lawfull for the saied Johane my daughter, or for her assignes, into the saide landes and tenement to enter and distrayne and the distresse or distresses so taken to hould and keepe until the sayde rent be trulie satisfied and payed. Item I give and bequeathe unto Anne Cumber my daughter the somme of twoe and twentie shillinges of lawfull money to be payed by myne Executor hereafter mentioned. Item I give and bequeathe unto Katherine Bax my daughter the somme of twentie twoe shillinges to be payed by myne Executor. Item I give unto Jane Burstye and Elizabeth Burstie daughters of my sonne Walter Burstye eight score poundes sterling to be payed to them equallie devided when they shall accomplishe the age of one and twentie yeres. Item I give and bequeathe unto Walter Burstie and William Burstye, my sonne his sonnes, to each of them twentie poundes to them to be payed when they shall accomplishe the age of one and twentie yeres. Item I give and bequeathe unto the children of Thomas Comber my sonne in lawe the somme of tenne poundes viz tenne poundes to eache of fyve of them equallie devided. Item all the residue of my landes and goods after my debts payed, my funerall expenses performed and theise my legaceys conteyned in this my present testament fullfilled, I give and beqeathe whollie to Walter Burstye my sonne whom I make and ordayne my whole Executor. I make and ordayne Richard Hall of Slapham and Thomas Comber of Westhothleighe my Overseers of the execution of this my last will and testement theire charges to be borne and theire expenses herein to be discharged by my Executor and I utterlie revoke and adnull all other former wills, legaceys or bequeaths, by me in anywise heretofore named, willed and bequeathed. In witness whereof, to these presents I have set my hand and seale the daye and yere last above written. The mark of William Wexman, Richard Hall.

Probate [written in Latin]

The above written will was proved at London before the Worshipful Master Thomas Edwards, Doctor of Lawes, surrogate of the most Worshipful Sir John Benet, Knight, Doctor of the same Lawes of the Prerogative Court of Canterbury, Master, Keeper or Commissary, lawfully constituted the thirtieth day of May in the year of our Lord one thousand six hundred and seventeen, on the oath of Walter Burstye, the legitimate and natural son of the said deceased, and the executor named in the same will, to whom it was granted to administer the goods, rights and credits of the said deceased in well and faithful administration &c being first sworn upon the holy word of God.

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