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Last Will and Testament of Thomas Payne

In the name of God Amen The nynteenth daie of Julie in the yeare of our Lord Christ, one thowsand, syxe hundred, twentie and eight. I Thomas Payne of Stoneland in the parish of Westhothly in the countie of Sussex, yeoman, being sicke and weake in bodie but in good and perfect memorie (God be praised therefore) doe make and ordaine this my last will and testament in manner and forme followinge First I commend my soule to Almightie god, hoping through the merritte and blood shedd of Jesus Christ my Saviour and Redeemer, to obtaine everlastinge Salvacion. And my bodie to the earth whereof it was made to be buried in such decent order as, to myne Executrix and overseers shall seem meet. And touching that worldlie substance which god of his infinitt goodness hath bestowed upon me, I give and bequeath as followeth Imprimis I give to the poore people of the parish of Westhothlie tenne shillinges to be distributed by the discrecion of myne executrix and overseers Item I give to my two daughters Anne and Katherine, threescore pounds a pece to be paid at their severall ages of twentie yeares or daie of marriage which shall first happen, allwaise provided that they marrie with the consent of myne Executrix and overseers, or ells to staie for their said porcions till their severall ages of one and twentie yeares. Item I give to my sonne John and to his heires my farme called Stoneland and Symmes with the parsonage thythes thereof. And to my sonne Thomas and to his heires all my landes and tenements called Ashcombe or by whatsoever name called, nowe in the occupacion of myne uncle William Bates or his assignes, with the parsonage tithes thereof. Nevertheless my will and meaninge is, that myne Executrix and overseers shall take and receive the rents yssues, and proffitts thereof ____ of my lands given to my sonne John, till he shall ataine to his age of one and twentie yeares, and the rents yssues and proffitts of the landes given to my sonne Thomas, till he shall accomplish his age of one and twentie yeares to be imployd for the maintenance and educacion of all my said children. And my meaninge is that my sonns should be sett to schoole to learne to write and reade, and my daughters to reade and sowe. Item I give power and authoritie to myne Executrix and overseers to lopp and topp all the tymber trees, except the wood on the south and west side of my house and to fell and cutt all the rest of my woods and underwoods upon all my landes (except the grove by the stone quarrey) within two yeares after my decease to be imployd and converted for the raising of my daughters porcions, and bringing upp of my said children. Item I give to my daughter Bridgett tenne poundes, to be paid at her age of one and twentie or daie of marriage which shall first happen, and in the mean time to have such educacion as myne Executrix and overseers shall thinke fitt. Item I will that the cupbord in the hall of my dwelling house and the beddsteeds that I bought of Henrie Poulter, and the great joined chest, and the joined chaires in the kitchen chamber, shall remaine as standards to the house that I dwell in. Item I give to myne uncle George Payne tenne poundes to be paid within fower yeares after my decease at the discrecion of myne Executrix and overseers. Item I give to my servant Marie Page tenne shillinges to be paid within three monthes after my decease. Item I give to my two servant boyes Richard Gaston and Henrie Butt twelve pence a peece. Item I give to my three god children Elizabeth Jenor, Sara Gatland, and Anne Wheeler twelve pence a peece. All the rest of my goodes and chattels, my funerall and debts discharged I give and bequeath to Elizabeth my lovinge wief whom I make sole Executrix of this my last will and I intreat my brother in lawe John Dungatt and my brother Edward Payne to be overseers thereof, and I give to them five shillinges a peece, over and above all their charges. Nevertheles it is my will and meaninge that if myne Executrix shall marrie againe after my decease, that then she shall one moneth before such marriage give good securitie to my said overseers such as they shall well like of for the true performance and payment of all the legacies given by this my will. And if she faile of securitie accordinge to their liking before such marriage according to my meaninge then my meaninge is that she shall have noe longer anie medling with the execucion this my will, that then and from thencforth, my said overseers shall take all my estate, receive the rents and proffitts of my landes and woods and have the whole execucion of this my will to be performed by them accordinge to my meaninge before herein declared and mencioned. In witness whereof I have to each sheete of paper sett my hand and seale. Thomas Payne. Published and declared by Thomas Payne, to be his last will in the presence of Henrie Faulkner, Richard Teynton.

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