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                          Last Will and Testament of Thomas Patching

In the name of God Amen, the xxiii (23rd) day of September in the yere of Lorde Gode 1557, I Thomas Pachynge of Horsham in the diosys of Chichester, of goode remembrance, Gode be thanked, do ordeyne and declare this my testament and last will as hereafter followith, First I bequethe my soule to God my maker and redeemer and my bodie to be buried in the churchyarde of Horsham beforesaide. Item I will to the cathedrall churche of Chichester    iiii d. Item I will to be bestowed amongest the poore people xx s. Item I will to Henrye my sonne viii li (£8) and so much tymber as shall serve to repare his howse and one cow, vii sheppe, one kettell, one panne, ii payre of shetes, one flockbed, one coverlet, one blanket, ii platters, ii dyshes and ii sawsers. Item I will to Thomas, John and William my sonnes eche of them vi li xiii s iiii d(£6 13 s 4 d) and eche of them a cowe to be delyvered and payede unto every one of them at his full age of xviii (18) yeres and if hit happen any one or more of my sayed iii sonnes Thomas, John and William, to dye before they come to their full age of xviii yeres then I will the money willyde to hym or them so beynge deede so much as is not yet alredye payed by myne executors to be equally devydede betwyne all myne other sonnes then lyvynge except for Richard my sone. Item I gyve to Thomas my sonne so much tymber as shall serve to repayre his howse. Item I will to Richard my sone all my plowes, waynes, chaynes, carts and harrowes and things pertaining to a farme. Item I will to Johan and Alice my doughters eche of them xvi li vi s iiii d (£16 6 s 4 d) to be payed to them at the daye of her maraige, and if it happen any of them to dye before they be maried then I will her money that so dyethe to the other of the same Johan or Alice then lyvynge. Item I will to Margerye Shorter my doughter iii li vi s viii d (£3 6s 8 d). Item I will to eche of her children xii d. Item I gyve to my doughter Em Walders children eche of them iii s iiii d. Item I will to Margerye Pachynge my neace vi s viii d. Item I will to everye of my god children vi d. Item I will to John ___ xii d. Item I will to Anes Bocher my servant vi s viii d. Item to George Smythe my servant iii s iiii d. The rest of all my goods, cattells and debts that are owynge unto me I will and bequethe unto Margret my wiffe and Richarde my sonne whom I ordeyne and make myne executors of this my testament, they to paye all the debts that I do owe and the rest then remaynynge I will to be equally shyfted betwyne the saide Margret my wife and Richarde my sonne by the dyscretion of Sir Henry Pachynge my brother and Thomas Walder my sone in lawe whom I make overseers of this my testament and I will to eche of them for ther labors iii s iiii d. And as concernynge the dysposynge of all my lands and tenements, rents and reversions First I will that if Margret my wife will forfite her rights and tytle of all such lands and tenements as she hath ___ in joynter then I will unto the saide Margreate and to her assignes during the whole term of her life all those my landes and tenements called The Bye and The Ryddey and also one tenement in Nuthurst called Cobbishale and after the decease of the saide Margreate I will the saide lands called Cobbyshale to remayne to William my sone to his heires and assignes forever. Item I will to Henrye my sonne to his heirs and assigns forever all that my howse, garden and close thereto adjoinyne in the borowghe of Horsham now in the occupacion of Johan Nicholas, wydowe and two crafts of lande lyinge in Benorthe Hethe whereof one ys called Nowres Croft and th'other ii acres called Ryes Croft. Item I will to Thomas my sonne his heirs and assygns forever all that my howse and lands thereto adjoynynge in the borowghe of Horsham now in the occupation of John Longe wedowe and also one garden thereto adjoyninge called Giffards Gardene and one tenement in Rowghy called Pyswags now in the tenure of Johan Dungat. Item I will unto John my sone to his heirs and assygns forever all that my howse and gardeyne in Horsham with the appurtenances near unto now in the occupying of Thomas Brodbege and all my lands at Horsham Hyll called The Hyll. Item I will to William my sone to his heyres and assigns forever all that my howse and gardeyne in Horsham late in the tenure of Elizabeth Martyn, wydowe. Item I will to Rycharde my sonne to his heirs, executors and assigns all my lease in certayne lands called The Lemes. Item I will that myne executors shall receive all the rents and profits of all such lands and tenements as I have willed unto Thomas, John and William my sonnes Tyll they come eche of them to his full age of xx (20) yeres and I will that my saide executors shalbe cowntable to every of my saide sonnes at his full age of xx yeres and shall then delyver and paye unto everye one of them all such money as they have received of the profits of his saide lands and tenements. These berynge witnesse Sir Roger Loyd my gostlye father, Rycharde Mychell, Rycharde Nye, John Mychell and James Shawe with others.

This will was proved before us Richard Bristye in the cathedral church of Chichester


                                     Will of Thomas Patching 1557 (beginning at the bottom of page 1)