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Last Will and Testament of Thomas Infield

The XXth day of May in the yeare of our Lorde God a thowsand five hundred seaventy and three I Thomas Inyngfeld of Westothlye in the county of Sussex and in the dyoces of Chychester beinge sicke of body and hole and perfect of remembrance thanks be unto God do ordayne and make this my present testament and laste wyll in manner and forme followinge fyrst and before all other things I geve and commit my soule to almighty god my maker and trustinge without any doubt to be saved throwghe the merits and blood sheddinge of our Lord Jesus Chryste my only redemer and my body I wyll to be buryed in the churchyard of Westhothlye aforesaid or els where it shall please the almighty god to call me.

Also I wyll to have bestowed att my buryall in meat and drynke and other charytable dysposytions to the pore of the same parish viii shillings also I geve unto the poore of the same parish other viii shillings to be dystrybuted by the dyscrecion of James my brother and the chyefe of the parishoners

Item I geve to the reparacions of the same churche two shillings

Item I geve and bequeathe unto the children of John Inyngfyeld my cosen Viii shillings to be delyvered equally betwene them

Item I geve unto the same John Inyngfyeld my cosen twenty shillings

Item I geve unto Richard Inyngfyeld my cosen the wever twenty shillings all to be paid immedyatly after my decease

Item that whereas John Payne my brother in lawe doth owe me forty shillings the which forty shillings I geve and bequethe unto Jone my syster

Also whereas he oweth me for two years rent the somme of twenty six shillings eight pence which twenty six shillings eight pence I geve unto Thomas and Edward my syster Jones sonnes

Item I geve unto the same Thomas and Edward over and above the XXVj s Viii d of rent thirtene shillings fower pence of mony to be delyvered and devyded betwene them by equall porcions

Item I geve and bequethe unto my syster Chaloners children (Wylliam Veldwyke excepted) forty shillings to be equally devyded betwene them.

Also I geve unto Richard my brother Rychards sonne forty shillings to be payd unto him when he shall accomplysh his age of twenty one years

Item I geve unto John Newman my brother in lawe twenty shiilings

Item I geve unto Jone Daye three shillings fower pence to Julyan Hacher three shillings fower pence and to Jane Hawkins iij s iiijd

Item I geve and bequethe unto James Inyngfyeld my brother all my lands tenements and hereditaments what so ever they be and where so ever they lye to have and to hold unto the said James my brother and to his heyres and assygnes forever immedyatly after my decease.

Item whereas John Mylls oweth me sertayne monys I doe by vertue of this my wyll forgeve yt him.

The resydue of all my goods cattles and debts my debts fyrst paid my wyll fulfylled I geve unto James my brother whome I ordaine and make my hole and all only Executor to see yt performed accordingly these beinge wytnesses att the making hereof Robart Tayler, John Newman, Henry Farmer, Thomas Browne and Richard Inyngfyeld

Proved 25th June 1573

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