Jane Wicks Family History

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                                                 Last Will and Testament of Richard Patching 1568

In Dei Nomine Amen, the 27th daye of April Anno Domini 1568, I Richard Patchinge of the paryshe of Horsham in the dyocese of Chichester do make, devyse and ordaine this my last will and testament in manner and forme folowinge Fyrst I bequethe my soule to Allmighty God my maker, redeemer and saviour and my body to be buried in the church yard of Horsham aforesaid. Item I geve unto the mother or cathedral church of Chichester iiii d. Item I bequeth unto the poore men's boxe of Horsham  X s. Item I bequeth unto Richard Walker my servant a heyfar bullocke of xii moneth old. Item I bequeth unto John Fuller my servant another heyfar bullocke of twelve moneth old.  Item I bequeth unto Margaret my daughter a fetherbed with a boulster, a paire of sheets, a coveringe, a blanket, a pyllowe and  pyllowber. Item I bequeth to my other ii daughters Eme and Margerye a flockbed a peece, and a bolster, a paire of sheets, a coverlet, a blanket, a pyllowe and pyllowber to be paid and delivered them and eyther of them at the age of xx yeres or daye of their marriage and if any of them dye before eytch to be the others heyer. Item I bequeth unto every of my godchildren iiii d a peece as many as will come and aste yt. Item I geve and bequeth unto Margaret Shorter my goddaughter iii li (£3) Item I bequeth unto my two maid servants iii s iiii d a peece. Item I bequeth unto all my brothers and sisters children xii d a peece. The rest or resydue of all my goods, valuables and debts I geve and bequeth unto Margery Patchinge my wyfe she to have all and to paye all, which Margery my lovinge wyfe I make, ordaine and constitute my hole and sole Executrix of this my last will and testament to see the same performed accordinge to the true meaninge hereof. Furthermore I bequeth unto Margery Shorter my syster xx s. And as touchinge the dysposicion of all my lands and tenements first I geve to Thomas Patchinge my brother iii croftes or closes joining together called or knowen by the name of Collins Feild, Mylles Feild and Crokers Crofte and to his heyres and assignes forever paying to my two brothers John and William xl s (40 shillings) a peece at the age of xx yeres and to my iii daughters Margaret, Eme and Margery xl s a peece at th'age of xx yeres or daye of marriage and if any of them dye before eyther to be others heyre. Item I geve and bequeth unto Margaret Patchinge all the rest of my lands and tenements and to her heyres and assigns forever paying to her systers Eme and Margery at th'age of xx yeres abovesaid fyfty pounds a peece and if any dye before eyther to be others heyre and also the said Margaret my daughter to paye my brother Henry xx s and to eych of my systers which have nothing before geven and bequethed them xx s a peece. Also I make my overseers my lovinge neyghbours and friends John Lyntot and Robert Chatfeild and I geve to eych of them iii s iiii d a peece for their good will and pains. Moreover for lack of payment of my daughters Eme and Margery's legacies by Margaret their syster then I will their friends and myne overseers to enter on to the lands and hold and keepe and enjoy the said lands tyll the money be paid. And further I will that Margery my wyfe and her assigns shall have and enjoy the said lands with the profits thereof bequethed to Margaret my daughter tyll she come to xx yeres of age to bringe up children and to fulfyll this my will and that neyther my wyfe nor he that shall marry her yf she do marry nor any that shall have to do in their name shall make neyther strype nor wast on any of my houses or lands but to leave it in as good a state as they find yt. In witness hereof and of all the promises to be trew I have caused this my last will and testament to be made and written the daye and yeere above written, these beinge witnesses hereunto Peter Ravenscraft, gent, Rychard Nye, Thomas Walder, John Barwick, James Mychell, John Mychell and Richard ___, clerke, writer hereof and I have set my hand and seale hereunto [in the] presence of the said witnesses. Debts to me due viz Imprimis of John Horner  of Chedinfold, v li (£5). Provided allwaies over and besydes the promysses in this will written that I the said Richard Patchinge do geve and bequeth unto Harry Patchinge my brother and to his heyres and assigns forever a peece of land beinge three closes called or knowen by the name of Wellocks.

This will was proved in the Church of Chichester the 29th day of June 1568