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Last Will and Testament of John Feldwick 1662

In The Name of God Amen, the tenth day of Aprill in the yeare of our Lord 1662, I John Feldwicke of Westhoadly in the county of Sussex, yeoman, being weake but in perfect memory (I praise God for it) doe make this my last will and testament in manner and forme followeing, first I comend my soule to Almighty God my maker and Saviour, and my body to be buryed at the discretion of my Executors. Item I give to the poore of Westhoadly twenty shillings. Item I give to my six children, Anne, William, Mary, Elizabeth, Thomas and Sarah Feldwicke, one hundred pounds apeece to be paid them at their several ages of one and twenty yeares, if they live soe long, and if any of them happen to dye before that age without heirs of his or her body, lawfully begotten, then I will the the portion [of he or she] soe dyeing shall goe to the survivors to be paid and equally divided amongst them at such tyme as he or she soe dyeing might have attained to the age of one and twenty if they had lived soe longe. Item I give to my servants Robert Browne, William Ilman and Michael Brookes fyve shillings apeece if they shall be dwelling with me at the tyme of my decease. And the rest of my servants that shall be then dwelling with me at the tyme of my decease I give twelve pence apeece. Item I doe ordeyne Anne my loveing wife and my sonne John Feldwicke, Executors of this my will and I appoint my brother John Payne and my cousin Thomas Comber Overseers thereof and doe give them ten shillings a peece over all necessary charges that they shall sussteyne, thereby hopeing they will advise and assist my Executors herein in the best manner they can. Item I would have my wife and son John, with the advise and consent of my Overseers or one of them, to raise one hundred pounds by sale of woods and tymber upon my lands if they shall see good toward the performance of this my will. And I would my wife and sonne John to keep house together and to use all my lands, tenements and hereditaments and to take the rents, issues and profitts thereof for the support and mayntenance of themselves and of my six younger children, till my said sonne John attayne to his age of one and twenty yeares. And after, my sonne John to take it to himself, if he see good, alloweing my wife her dower or thirds. In witness whereof I have hereunto sett my hand and seale and doe publish and declare this to be my last will. John Feldwicke, in the presence of Henry Faulconer, George Payne, his mark, John Payne

This will of John Feldwicke, late of Westhoathly was proved the thirtieth day of August in the year of our Lord one thousand six hundred and sixty two before Master Thomas Stevenson, Clerk, Master of Arts, Master Surrogate etc on the oath of Anne Feldwicke one of the Executors named in the said will to whom administration etc was granted of the goods etc having been first sworn on the holy [word of God] neverthless power being reserved of making the like grant to John Feldwicke, the son and the other Executor when it shall be due in law to petition the same

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