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Last Will and Testament of John Feldwick 1561

In the name of God Amen The vij day of February anno domini 1560/ I John Feldweke of the parish of Westhothligh in the countie of Sussex and in the diocys of Chichester, being sick of boddie but of whole mynde and parfect remembrance, thanks be unto almightie god, doe ordaine and make this my present testament and last will in manner and forme followinge/ First and before all other things I give and comitt my soule unto almightie god and to his mercie, trusting withoute any doughte or mystrust that thorow his death and passion I have and shall have remission of my synnes and resurreccion of my soule and boddie at the laste days when the lorde shall come to judge the quicke and the ded, and my boddy I will to the yerthe to be buried in the churche yarde of Westhothligh aforesaide and as towching the distribucion of my temporall goods my purpose ys by the grace of god to bestowe them to be accepted as fruts of faith. First my mynde and will ys to have bestowed at my funerall or ymmediatly after unto the poore people of Westhothligh aforesaid xx s (20 shillings) by the discresion of my overseers. Item I give unto Katherine Johnson one ewe and to the residue of my godchildren iiij d (4 pence) a pece/ also I give and bequeath unto Thomazin my wief fortie pounds of good and lawfull monney of Englond, and to paier of sheets, the seconde best and ij (2) chests which she brought unto me to be paied and delivered unto her within ij yeres next ymmediatly after my decease/ also my will ys that Thomasin my wief shall have in my howse one chamber which she thinketh best with sufficient and compotent meate, drinke, fier and flete with free ingrese and regrese and a sufficient bed, one of the best, have to lye in, at all tymes for during while she kepeth herself a widdow and no longer/ Item I give and bequeath unto John my sonne XX li (£20) of good and lawfull monney of Englond to be paied unto him when he shall accomplish the age of xxj (21) yeres. Provided alwaies that in case my wief be with child with a woman child and the same child fortune to live until such tyme as hit shall accomplish th’age of xviij (18) yeres then hit ys my very will and mynde that the same child being a woman child shall have unto her owne use the same sume of XX li (£20) last above given and bequeathed unto John my sonne, anything herin above mencioned or gifts to John my sonne in any wise not withstanding/ Item I give unto John my sonne iiij (4) kine (cows) with theire calves to be delivered unto hym when he shall accomplish the age of xxj yeres. Item hit ys my mynde and will that William my sonne shalbe set and founde at scoole to learne to write and reed English sufficiently futhermor yf hit shall fortune to be a man child that my wief is with child and goeth by that then hit is my will that John my sonne shalbe putto scoole for and during the space of vij yeres the three last yeres of the same vij yeres to be putto scoole to Oxforde or Cambridge after costs and charges of my executor in gramer /and the child yn my wief goeth by yf hit be a man child to be putt and founde at scoole until such tyme as he can sufficiently write and reed english / also hit ys my will that William my sonne and executor shall with the proffitts of my goods and land fynde with meate and drinke and clothing as well in sicknes as in helth, all his brothers and systers until such tyme as they shall accomplish the age of xxj yeres/ Item hit is my will that John Bennet my kinsman shall have the occupieing of all my lands and goods at and for such reasonable price and conveiances as shalbe thought meet and good by the discression of my overseers for the profitt and bringing upp of my children as above ys saide until such tyme as myne heire shall accomplish his lawfull age/ and further hit ys my will that the said John Bennet shall have the custodie and bringing upp of my saide children until such tyme as myne heire shall accomplish and come to his lawfull age aforesaide the same John Bennet giving and making at all tymes such assurance and accounts of the saide land and goods and the proffitts thereof the same as shalbe deviced, required and thought good and meet by the discression of myne overseers to the use and proffitt of my executor and the performans of this my present last will and testament/ Item I give to Alice Tothe my servant one twelve monthing bullocke ymmediatly after my decease/ The residue of all my goods and chattells, my debts first paied my funerall expenses fullfilled and these my legacies herin contained justly performed I wholy leave and give unto William my sonne, whome I ordaine and make my whole and all only executor to see hit performed accordingly/ also I ordaine and make Thomas Paine of Stone, John Paine of Horsham, Richard Gatlonde and Thomas Browne my overseers and by vertue hereof this my present will and testament giving unto them full power and authoritie to execute the same and to see all things herein contained justly and truly executed according to the true intente, means, purpose and effect hereof as my speciall trust ys in them they will soe doe/ and they to have for theire labor and pains in that behalf vj s viij d a pece and all theire resonable expenses in that behalf sustained. These being witnesses at the making hereof John Lonkyn vicar of Westhothligh aforesaide, John Gastan, Richard Gatlond and Thomas Browne, writer

25th day of August, in the year of our Lord one thousand five hundred and sixty one, Entrusted to Thomazine Feldwek, widow of above said deceased, the administration of the goods and so forth of said deceased’s last will and testament.

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