Jane Wicks Family History

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                               Last Will and Testament of John Brown

In the name of god amen the last day of Apreell 1546 in the 38 yere of the Reaygn of our sovereign lord henry the viii by the grace & c I John Browne of Westhothle in the County of Sussex beyng seke of body & hole of mynd & good remembrance thanks be to god do make & orden my present testament first I bequeth my sole to almyghte god & to our blessed lady St Mary & all the holy company of hevyn & my body to be buried in the church yerd of Westhothle Item I bequeth to the hye altar there iiij d Item I bequeth to our mother church of Chichester ij d Item I will have at my buryeng iij masses with bread & drynke for poore people Item I bequeath to have lyke wyse at my months day and twelvemonths day iij masses & bread & drynke for poore people Item I bequeth to Nicholas my son the stocke in Thomas Haukyns hands of Fletching with the Newtyie Item I wyll to the same Nicholas v marks with in one yere after the decease of Jone my wiff Item I bequeth to Ricard my son v li within one year after the decease of Jone my wiff 

Item I bequeth to harry my son xl s to be paid when he is xix years old if he fayle before he is xix yers old to remayne to the exececutors Item I bequeth to William my son iiii marks to be paid to hym at the age of xx  yers old if the said William fayls before he is xx yers old to remayne to the exececutorsItem I bequeth to Katheryn my dowghter v marks to be paid to her mariage Item I bequeth to Margaret my dowghter v marks to be paid to her mariage Item I bequeth to Jone my dowghter v marks to be paid to her mariage & if any of these my dowghters happen to fayle before they mary that then there porcions to remayne with the executors to dispose it at their pleasure Item I will to Jone my wiff her chamber & the hole howsehold stoff at her pleasure to dispose it The resydew of my goods unbequethed my detts paid the & my will fulfilled I give to Jone my wiff & Thomas my son whom I orden & make my lawfull executors Item I will & bequeth my farme that is to say my lease in the parsonage to Jone my wiff & Thomas my son, if it happen that Jone my wiff doo dye before the lease shall be endyd then I gyve & bequeth the resydew of the yers of her parte to Andrew my son Witnesse hereunto John bryan Walter feldwyke & Thomas Wyllard with other & the said John browne dyd write the wyll & subscribed his name