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The twenty first day of January in the thirty eighth year of the reign of Queen Elizabeth

James Ynfeld of Lingfeld in the countie of Surrey, yoman, beinge sick in bodye but of perfect memorye, in speach willed as foloweth viz First that his bodye should be buryed within the parish church of Lingfeld aforesaid, next he willed that three poounds should be distributed to the poore people att the tyme of his buryall.

Item he gave to his servant Edward Payne twoe kyne Item to William Woodgate an other of his servants twoe kyne.

Item he willed and bequeathed all the residue of his goods and chattells (his debts being paid and funerall discharged) unto is wyfe and twoe daughters equally to be devyded amongest them. Willing withall that his said wyfe should not in anywise medle with the cuttinge downe and fellinge of the woods and underwoods growinge upon any of his lands whersoever, unless for her own necessarie fyerboote and fenceboote to be occupyed and spent upon or in the same. And that his wyfe should be his executrix.

By me, Antony Holander, the mark of George ___?

Proved 2nd February 1595/6

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