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In the name of god amen the XX day of November in the yere of our Lord god 1563 I Katheryn Inyngfeld of the parish of Westhothligh in the county of Sussex and in the dioces of Chychester wydow being sicke of bodie but hole of mynd and perfect of remembrance thanks be unto almighty god do ordayne and make this my present testament and last will in manner and forme folowinge First I gyve and bequeth my soule unto almighty god and to his marcye and my bodie to be buryed in the church yard of Westhothligh aforesaid. Item I will have bestowed at my buryall unto porre people of the same parish Xs. Item to the reparacions of the church iijs.

Item I gyve unto Thomas my sonne XX li of good and lawfull money of Ingland to be payd unto hym within vj yeres after my decease.

Item I gyve unto the same Thomas my sonne my second rynge, one chest standing at the bedds fote in the old chamber, one cowe and a bullocke of ij yeres of age, one brasse pot, one pewter platter, two pewter dishes, ij latten candel sticks to be delivered at lyke tyme.

Item I gyve unto my daughter Agnes iiij li of good and lawfull money of England and one materis a payer of shetes a lytell fetherbed one bolster one blancket and my best hatt my best hawkes and one cowe my best gowne my best petycote one blancket ij kerchers a coverlet one brasse pan one rayle to be delivered unto her within two yeres next after my decesse.

Item gyve and bequeth unto Johane Payne my daughter one cowe with a bullock my second petycote and my second payer of hooks my second hatt ij kerchers one rayle one brasse panne to be delivered unto her immediatlye after my decesse.

Item I gyve unto Thomasyn my daughter one brasse panne ij kerchers a payer of shetes and my best rayle.

Item I gyve unto every of my godchildren iiij d a pece.

Item I gyve unto James my sonne one payer of shetes.

Item whereas my late husband did by his last will geve unto Thomas my sonne one litell fetherbed it is my will that the same Thomas my sonne shall have the fetherbed that I do usualye lye upon with the matteris pillows bolster ___ shete blancketts and coverletts thereto belongynge for and in recompence of the said littell bed so that he clayme not the sayde lytell bed.

Item I gyve unto him the said Thomas my sonne one bullock of ij yeres of age.

Also I have delivered unto Richard my sonne vj li and viij s over and above my legacies to my sonne Thomas aforesaid, to the use of Thomas my sonne when he shall accomplishe the age of xxj yeres if he fortune to departe oute of this worlde bofore to remain to Richard my sonne.

Item I gyve and bequeth unto my daughters Johane, Thomasyn, and Agnes, X peces of pewter, that is to say to Johane ij plaltters, Thomasyn ij platters ij pewter dishes, Agnes ij pewter dishes and a platter to be delivered immediatlye after my decesse.

The reasidewe of all my goods cattalls and detts, my detts fyrst payd my will fulfilled I holy leve and gyve unto Richard my sonne whom I make and ordayne my sole and all onlye executor to se it performed accordyngly

also I ordayne and make Thomas Chaloner, gent, my oversear to se all things herein justelye performed accordygne to the trewe meane effect hereof as my especyall trust is in hym he will so do and he to have for his labor and payne in that behalfe vj s viij d and all his reasonable expences in that behalfe first payd thyse beyng

witnesses hereunto Thomas Chaloner, gent and Thomas Browne

Value of inventory LXXiiij li Viij s Viij d (£74 8s 8d)

Proved 1st March 1563/64, Thomas Chaloner, gent, of Westhothligh  

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