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Last Will and Testment of Benjamin Ridge

In the name of God Amen I Beniamyn Ridge of Dorkinge in the countie of Surrie, yeoman, beinge sicke in bodye but of good and perfecte memorie, I doe thanke my Lord God, doe ordayne and make this my laste will and testamente in manner and forme followinge, that is to saye First and above all things, I doe comend my soule into the hands of God my Creator and redeemer, and my bodye to the earth from where it came, to be buried in the church yarde of Dorkinge aforesaid, steadfastlye beleevinge that by the free mercye of God towards me in Jesus Christe, whoe died for the synnes and rose againe for the justificacion of all those that doe laye holde on his death and merrits by a true and livelye faith, by which meanes I doe steadfastlye beleve I shall be saved, and not by any other whatsoever, Item I doe give to the poore people of Dorkinge the sume of three pounds in mony to be given unto them that have moste neede thereof. Item I doe give and bequeath unto Elizabeth my wife the moety or one halfe of all my householde stuff whatsoever and Tenn pounds of lawfull mony of England every yeere duringe hir naturall lyfe, to be payde unto hir halfe yeerlye, the firste paymente to be payd unto hir six monthes nexte after my decease by my Executor hereunder named Item I doe give and bequeath unto my daughter Marye the sume of Tenn pounds of Lawfull mony of England. Item I doe give unto Margaret Bristowe widdowe five shillings. Item I doe give unto William Bristowe fortye shillings. Item I doe give unto Thomas Bristowe fortye shillings. Item I doe give unto Gilberte Bristowe the sume of five pounds. Item I doe give unto Elizabeth the wife of Michaell Jeale fortie shillings. Item I doe give unto my brother John Ridge fortie shillings. Item I doe give unto my sister Susan Bixlye the like sume of fortie shillings, the legacie of three pounds given to the poore, my will is shall be payd unto them within one month nexte after my decease. All the other legacies my mynd and will is, shall be payd unto them three monthes nexte after the lease of my farme of Mylton Courte shall be expired and ended. And I doe appoynte my lovinge brother John Ridge and Thomas Mathewe to be Overseers of this my laste will and testamente, to see all things therein performed Accordinge to the true Intente and meaninge of this my said last will and testamente, to whome I doe give five shillings apeece, and their charges to be borne whatsoever they shall lay out of their purses concerninge or about this my last will. The reste of my goodes cattell and chattells whatsoever not before given, my debts beinge payd and my funerall performed I doe give and bequeath unto my sonn James Ridge, whome I doe make sole Executor of this my last will and testamente, uterlye revokinge all former wills and testaments by me at any tyme heretofore made. In witness whereof I the sayd Beniamyn Ridge have hereunto sett my hand and seale the eight and twentith day of March in the seaventeenth yeare of the reigne of our sovereigne Lord Kinge Charles etc Anno Dommini 1641

                                                                                                                The Mark of Beniamyn Ridge

Signed Sealed and published in the presence of us Thomas Mason, John Dendy jnr

Proved 14th May 1641 

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