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 Last Will and Testament of Agnes Willett 1559

In the name God amen, in the yere of owre Lorde a thousande fyve hundreth fyfty and ix (1559) in the yere of the rygne of oure Soveraigne Lady Elizabethe by Grace of God of England, France and Ireland, Quene, defender of the feythe, I Agnes Wyllett, wyddo, late the wyfe of Edward Wyllett lately desesed beynge hole and of perfyte mynde laude and prayse almighty God, syke and desesed in body do make and ordeyne thys my last wyll conteynyng my laste wyll in forme and manner folloyng I bequethe my soule to almyghty God and all the holy company of heaven and my body to be buryed in the churchyard of Shere. I bequethe to the mother church of Wynchester ii d. I bequethe to the hygh aulter of Shere iiii d. I wyll that at my buryall be dysposed among the pore and others there beyng in meat and drynk to praye for my soule and all chrysten sowles xx s and at my monthe mynde xx s. I bequethe to Margret Dury a petycote to pray for me and to the wyfe of Robert Maydman a pettecote to pray for my sowle and all chrysten sowles. I bequethe to my brother Edmonde Wryght a rede cowe of three yeres of age, a blankett and a shete. I geve to the church of Shere v s. I bequethe to my God doughter Agnes Wryght my best curtell. I bequethe to every one of my godcheldren iiii d. I bequethe to my doughter Agnes vi shepe by equal draght, my best gown, a sylver spone, two pare of lynen shetes and the thyrd part of my lynen. I gyve to my sonne Harry a sylver spone, two pare of lynen shetes. I bequethe to my doughter Catheryne vi shepe by equal draught and my best gowne save one, a sylver spone, her parte of my lynen, ii pare of lynen shetes. I gyve to my doughter Margret syxe shepe by equal draught, a sylver spone,two pare of lynnen shetes and her part of my lynnen. I gyve to Edward my sonne xii shepe, a sylver spone and two payre of lynnen shetes. All the resydue of all my goods unbequethed. I gyve to my sonne John Wyllet whom I make my true and lawful executor and the overseer of thys my last wyll L make my brother Matthew Wryght and he to have over and above hys charges v s.

And my wyll ys that my sonne John Wyllet shall have the ___ and governance of my sonne Edward and hys stocke as hys father put me in trust with.

Debts that are owyng me - William Shepperd iiii li (£4)

John Dawe - xx s

These bearyng witness

Rychard Wryght, John Chelsom, Edmond Wryght, Mathew Wryght, John Wyllett

Proved 30th June 1559

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