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Thomas Page and Priscilla Feldwick

Thomas Page was born in Capel, Surrey in 1759, the second of nine known children born to Henry Page and his wife, Martha, formerly King. He was baptized 11th September 1759 in St John the Baptist Church, Capel. Thomas' father was the village blacksmith and Thomas and his brothers were trained by their father in this trade. Thomas Page married Priscilla Feldwick, 20th June 1782 in Banstead, Surrey. Priscilla was born 1760 in Horne, Surrey, the ninth of ten children born to Nicholas Feldwick, yeoman of Merstham, Surrey, and his wife Mary, formerly Potter. She was baptized 27th April 1760 in Horne. Priscilla had an illegitimate child, Mary, who was baptized 5th May 1782, and although not certain, it is possible, given their marriage six weeks later, that Thomas was the father. They went on to have another ten children. Their first son, Henry was born in Banstead in 1784, he died aged five, in 1789. Ann was born 1786 in Chipstead, Surrey, followed by Thomas in 1788. The family then moved to Kingswood, Surrey, where the rest of their children were born, James, b. 1789, Jane, b. 1791, Richard, b. 1794, John, b. 1796, William, b. 1798, Elizabeth, b 1801 and Nicholas b. 1803. Thomas was the village blacksmith in Kingswood for many years and would no doubt, have passed this trade on to his sons, his youngest son, Nicholas is later recorded as being the blacksmith in the same village. Priscilla is mentioned in her father's will of 1806 as "Priscilla, the wife of Thomas page", receiving a sixth part of his residuary estate. Thomas is mentioned in his sister in law, Ann Russel's will of 1831, "to Thomas Page, the husband of my sister, the late Priscilla Page, deceased, of the Liberty of Kingswood, Surrey, blacksmith". Priscilla died in February 1827, aged 67 and was buried 17th February 1827 in Merstham, Surrey. The 1841 census shows Thomas living in Ewell, Surrey, with his daughter in law, Susan Page, the widow of his son William, and his grandsons, William Page and John Edwards. Thomas died on 5th October 1848 aged 89 (parish register records 90) in Kingswood, on the death certificate the cause of death is stated as "old age (not certified)" the informant was Alfred Page, of the Liberty of Kingswood, who was present at the death, the relationship is not stated, but is probably his grandson. Thomas was buried on 10th October 1848 in Walton on The Hill, Surrey.

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