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Nicholas Constable

Nicholas Constable was likely born between 1553 and 1568, probably in Capel, Surrey where his father held lands. He was the son of James Constable of Capel, Surrey, and his wife Agnes, nee Burnat. He is mentioned in the will of his father James in 1568 as being under the age of 21 and was bequeathed the sum of £3 - 6s. He is also mentioned in the will of his father's brother another James in 1570 and was bequeathed the sum of 40 shillings. Nicholas married Katherine Staplert (Staplehurst) on 23rd November 1573 in Ockley, Surrey. Nicholas and Katherine had three children, Margerie (or Margaret) b. 1574, John b. 1575 and Jane b. 1576. Margerie and John died soon after birth. Katherine died and was buried in Ockley, Surrey on 1st March 1578/79. Nicholas married again possibly in Capel, Surrey as there is not another marriage recorded in Ockley but a Joan Constable, daughter of Nicholas was baptised on 31st July 1580 in Ockley. The parish registers of Capel are only extant from 1653 onwards and his second wife's name is unknown. Another daughter, Katherine, was baptised in Ockley in June 1581 followed by another Jane in 1583 and a son, John in 1587, Agnes in 1590 and Thomas in 1597

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