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John Wood and Elizabeth Page

John Wood was born 1795 in Ewhurst, Surrey, the third of 10 children born to James Wood and his wife Elizabeth, formerly Tickner. He was baptised on 11th March 1795 in St Peter and St Paul, Ewhurst. He married Elizabeth Page on 8th August 1824, in St Mary, Newington, Surrey. Elizabeth was born on 4th March 1801 in Kingswood, Surrey, and baptized on 21st April 1803 in St Andrews, Kingswood, the daughter of Thomas Page and his wife Priscilla, formally Feldwick.

The record of the marriage shows that they were both of the parish of St Mary Newington, and both were single. The witnesses were Elizabeth's brother James Page and her sister Jane Edwards. Elizabeth, James and Jane were able to sign their own names but John could only make his mark.

After their marriage John and Elizabeth moved to Banstead, Surrey, where John worked as a gardener. They had 7 children all of whom were born in Banstead. Sometime between 1844 and 1851 they moved to Elizabeth's home village of Kingswood, Surrey. They lived in a house called Hegdin House, situated next to the vicarage. John continued to work as a gardener. John died in January 1856 and was buried on 18th January 1856 in St Andrews churchyard, Kingswood. Elizabeth died on 25 January 1872 in Kingswood, the cause of death is recorded as "decay of nature" and bronchitis. The informant was her daughter in law Frances Wood. She was buried on 29 January 1872 in St Andrews, Kingswood, just a few days after her brother Nicholas.


Elizabeth Wood was born in 1825 in Banstead, Surrey, and baptized on 1st May 1825 in All Saints, Banstead. She married Edward Banks on 7 June 1851 in Hackney, London. She and Edward seem to have played a major part in bringing up her niece Jane and after Janes death they took care of Janes eldest daughter Frances Elizabeth Blanchard. Elizabeth died in August 1893 in Kingswood and was buried on 26th August 1893 in Kingswood. Edward died on 10th February 1899 and was buried on 15th February 1899 in Kingswood. He left a will dated 26 December 1893 in which he made provision for his great niece Frances, and leaving her half his estate, the other half went to his wife's cousin Susan Page. The executors were his wife's cousins Alfred and Edward Page. Probate was granted to the executors on 15th March 1899.

Jane Wood (direct ancestor see separate profile)

Edward Wood was born in 1830 in Banstead, Surrey and was baptized on 21st March 1830 in All Saints, Banstead. He never married and lived for much of his life in Merstham, Surrey, living with a couple named Peter and Maria Wood, working as a laborer. They do not appear to have been related, Edward is only recorded as a visitor, boarder or lodger on the census, but he continued to live with Maria after Peter's death. He died in 1906

George Wood was born in 1831 in Banstead, Surrey, and was baptized on 4th December 1831 in All Saints, Banstead. He married Frances Cook on 3rd March 1862 in Croyden, Surrey. Frances was born in 1843 in Ewell, Surrey. George and Frances had 13 children.

Elizabeth b. 1864, Frances b.1866, Edward b. 1868, Ellen b.1869, Agnes.b. 1871, Jane b. 1873, Mary b. 1874, James b. 1875, Annie b.1877, Caroline b. 1879, George b. 1883, William b. 1885, and Thomas b. 1887

George was admitted to the Brookwood Asylum in Woking, Surrey on 12th August 1898, aged 67, suffering with Dementia. He died there on 16th December 1899 and was buried on 22nd December in Kingswood, Surrey. Frances died in December 1909 and was buried in Kingswood.

William Wood (see separate profile)

Henry Wood was born in 1838 in Banstead, Surrey, and was baptized on 11th March 1838, in All Saints, Banstead. He joined the Coldsteam Guards in 1859 and remained in service until 1880. He married Emma Abbott on 27th November 1869 in Holy Trinity, Clapham. Emma was born in 1850 in Suffolk. Henry and Emma had 6 Children, Emma b. 1871, Elizabeth b. 1872, Thomas b. 1874, Henry John b, 1877, Louisa b. 1879 and Lucy b. 1885.

Thomas Wood was born in 1844 in Banstead, Surrey and was baptized 0n 16 July 1844 in All saints, Banstead. He married Bertha Truin on 27 October 1875 in St Johns church, Southwark, Surrey. He worked in several different occupations including footman, gardener and licenced victualer. Thomas and Bertha had two children, Ernest b. 1879, and Herbert b. 1881. Thomas died on 21 July 1916 in Banstead, Surrey and left a will which was proved on 11 August 1916 to his wife Bertha and son Herbert, the executors. Value of estate 1192 4 s 3 d

Time Line John Wood

Birth :

1795 Ewhurst, Surrey

Baptism :

11 March 1795, Ewhurst, Surrey

Marriage to Elizabeth Page : age 29

8 August 1874, St Mary Newington, Surrey

Residence : age 46

1841 census - Bansead Street, Banstead, Surrey

Occupation : age 46

1841 census - Gardener

Residence : age 56

1851 census - Hegdin House, Kingswood, Surrrey

Death : age 61


Burial :

18 January 1856, St Andrews churchyard, Kingswood, Surrey

Baptism of John Wood, 11 March 1795

Burial of John Wood 18 January 1856

Time Line Elizabeth Page

Birth :

1801 4th March, Kingswood, Surrey

Baptism : age 2

1803 21st April, Walton on the Hill, Surrey

Baptism of Elizabeth Page and her brother Nicholas

Marriage To John Wood : age 23

1824 8th August, St Mary Newington, Surrey

Residence : age 40

1841 census - Banstead Street, Banstead, Surrey

Residence : age 50

1851 census Hegdin House, Kingswood, Surrey

Residence : age 60

1861 census - Pages Cottages, Kingswood, surrey

Residence : age 70

1871 census - Nutfield, Surrey

Death : age 70

1872 25th January, Kingswood, Surrey

Cause of death - decay of nature, bronchitis, informant - Frances Wood of Kingswood, daughter in law, present at the death.

Burial :

1872 29th January, St Andrews, Kingswood, Surrey

Burial of Elizabeth Wood and of her brother Nicholas Page

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