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 The Funeral of Mr Alfred Blanchard

Hythe, August 1st

The Late Melancholy Boat Accident At Southampton - The funeral of Mr Alfred Blanchard, his wife (Mrs Clara Blanchard) and their cousin (Miss Mary Barnes), whose deaths by drowning was fully reported in last Saturday's Advertiser, took place on Sunday afternoon, and a more solemn or numerously attended ceremony has never, perhaps, taken place in Hythe, of which the three deceased were natives, and where they were highly respected. The inhabitants of the village assembled almost en masse, while some hundreds came over from Southampton. The mournful cortege left the house of the deceased husband in the following order:- The coffin containing his remains, then that of his wife and next miss Barnes, following came the relatives and near friends, personal friends, and the bretheren of the Friendship Lodge, Manchester Unity of Oddfellows, of which the male deceased was a member, and also others belonging to the Hope, Prosperity, Fidelity, and lodges at Southampton. The procession, which was a long one and of a very imposing character, reached the church soon after the appointed time, 3 o'clock, and the first part of the beautiful burial service of the Church of England, was impressively read therein, by the Rev J Marriott, MA (the Rector), and the sacred edifice was completely filled, numbers being unable to gain admission. The remainder of the burial service at the grave, which was sufficiently large enough to hold all three coffins, was read by the Rev J Marriott, and the proceedings were of the most orderly and impressively character throughout. On the coffin containing the remains of Miss Barnes was placed a most magnificent wreath composed of the choisest flowers, kindly sent from Eaglehurst by the Countess Batthyany and beautiful wreaths also adorned the other two coffins. Throughout the village blinds were drawn and other signs of mourning shown; the yachts lying near had their flags half-mast high, and every mark of respect seemed to be evinced towards the memory of the three young persons, who had been so suddenly summoned to render up their account to Him who directs all things. We may mention that Mr and Mrs Blanchard were the first who were married in the new church at Hythe. We have received the following letter:-

                                           To the Editor of the Hampshire Advertiser

Sir, Will you kindly allow me, through your valuable paper, to express my heartfelt thanks for the sympathy expressed in all quarters for me and my family, in consequence of the melancholy boat accident, which occured off the Town Quay on Thursday morning last, by which my son (Alfred Blanchard), his wife and her cousin lost their lives. And I hereby wish to express my sincere thanks to Mr O'Callaghan and Customs officer Gwen for the very energetic and valuable services rendered by them, they being successful in rescuing two out of the five from a watery grave.

And will you also correct a slight error in your report, which appeared in Saturday's paper, in which you say that Alfred Blanchard, his wife, (Clara) her sister and a cousin (Mary Barnes) went to the Dock Station to meet Edwin Barnes (brother of Mrs Blanchard), whereas it should have been that Mary and Sarah Barnes, cousins of Mrs Blanchard and Edwin Barnes was also her cousin (not brother) and brother to Mary and Sarah.

I am, sir, yours faithfully,

Alfred Blanchard, 41 Clifford Crescent, Southampton.

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