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Edward Blanchard & Sarah Rossiter

Edward Blanchard was born in 1726 in Fordingbridge, Hampshire, the son of William Blanchard and his wife Jane, formerly Blake. He was baptized on 24th April 1726 in Fordingbridge. In 1741 at the age of 15 he was apprenticed to John Abbott, carpenter, of Eling, Hampshire for 7 years. He married Sarah Rossiter on the 4th January 1748 in St Mary's Church, Eling. Sarah was born in about 1726 probably in Eling, Hampshire, the daughter of William Rossiter, yeoman of Bartley, Eling and his wife Elizabeth, formerly Storme (or Starmes). She is mentioned in her father's will of 1757.

St Mary's Church, Eling where Edward and Sarah were married in 1748

Edward and Sarah had 8 children, William, b. 1749, Edward b. 1751, d. 1757 aged 6, John b. 1755, Thomas b. 1758, Joseph, b. 1760, Edward, b. 1764, James, b. 1768 and Sarah b. 1770, d. 1771 aged

Sarah died in 1782 aged 55 and was buried on 1st July 1782 in Eling. Edward married Elizabeth Russell a year later on 24th July 1783. Elizabeth was a widow. Edward died in February 1794 aged 68 and was buried on 23rd February 1794 in Eling. He left a will dated 12 October 1793 and probate was granted to his youngest son James Blanchard in 1794.

Last Will and Testament of Edward Blanchard

This is the last will of me Edward Blanchard of Marchwood in the parish of Eling in the county of Southampton, Carpenter. First I give, devize and bequeath to my son James Blanchard, his heirs and assigns, the cottage and garden with the appurtenances lying in Bricklands in the Manor of Eling containing by measure thirty nine perches (the same as surrendered to the use of my will and according to the custom of the said Manor of Eling) together with all my household goods, furniture and working tools of every denomination and kind whatsoever except such goods as were my wife's before our marriage and such other household goods as are particularly hereinafter mentioned to be at the use and disposal of my wife during her life, subject to my son James paying my widow six pence per week during her said widowhood. I give devize and bequeath to Elizabeth my wife the small tenement now ___ on to my said cottage (as the day agreed to be surrenered at the next court to be holden in and for the said Manor of Eling before Jonathan Gardner and John White, two of the tenants of the said Manor and agreeable to the custom of the said Manor) To hold to my said wife for and during her life and after her decease I give devize and bequeath the same tenement to my grandson James Blanchard, his heirs and assigns forever. Also I give to my said wife all and singular the household goods brought by her at the time of our intermarriage, to be at her own sole use and free disposal. Also I give and bequeath to her the free use and benefit the following household goods viz one small square table, one cedar tea table, one tea chest, one small chest of draws, one small iron pot, one common prayer book and the use of such other good books as I am in possession of and after her decease I give and bequeath the same to my said son James Blanchard, his Executors and Administrators. I also give to my son William one shilling. I give to my son John one shilling. I give to my son Thomas one shilling. I give to my son Joseph one shillimg. I give to my son Edward one shilling. All the rest, residue and remainder of my goods, chattles, debts and effects of what nature or kind soever and wheresover I give and bequeath the same to my son James Blanchard, his Executors, Administrators and Assigns forever. And do nominate, constitute and appoint my said son James Blanchard whole and sole Executor of this my last will and testament. Hereby revoking and making void all other will and wills by me at anytime heretofor made and do declare this to be my last will and testament. In Witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand and seal the twelfth day of October in the year of our Lord one thousand seven hundred and ninety three.

                                                                                                             Edward Blanchard

Signed, sealed, published and declared by the said Edward Blanchard as and for his last will and testament in the presence of us, who in his presence and at his request, have set our hands as witnesses. The words "White" in the thirteenth line and "I give to my son Thomas one shilling" being first interlined.

                                                         John White, Jonathan Gardner, Jos Bry

And I do also bequeath and appoint my son James Blanchard to finish and make the new cottage in habitable condition so my wife is obliged to quit his house and I do also will and appoint that Sarah Gent shall not be free nor come to live with my son James Blanchard till after their marriage.

                                                        Ed Blanchard, witness John White.

Proved 1794


Jonathan Gardner of Marchwood in the parish of Eling, Victualler, maketh oath that he knew and was well aquainted with Edward Blanchard, late of Marchwood aforesaid, carpenter, deceased, for fifteen years last past and upwards, and that he hath now looked at the paper writing hereunto annexed, purporting to be a codicil to the last will and testament of the said Edward Blanchard, and saith that he believes the name Ed. Blanchard subscribed and set to the said codicil to be the hand writing of the said Edward Blanchard, he, this deponent, having frequently seen him write, and write and subscribe his name, and being a witness to his said will. Jonathan Gardner, Sworn at Eling abovesaid, the fifth day of August one thousand seven hundred and ninety four, before me George Isaac Huntingford, Warden of Winchester College.

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